This is my tenth silencer that I own and my 3rd quick attach. I’ve only had it out a couple of times and it’s my favorite, beyond the cool factor of the exterior appearance and mounting, this is one quite and accurate can.

Jase M.

I was looking for a QD suppressor and heard good things about the Mack Brothers suppressors, I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase, I’ll never shoot another prairie dog without it on the end of my gun.Time to start saving for a 308!

Rick F.

I just received my first Mack Brothers silencer, the quality is exceptional and the mounting system is so simple. Can’t wait to try it!


I run two Mack Brothers suppressors, a 762S and a Lima. I shoot the 762S on all my centerfire rifles, from my 223 Rem. up to my 7mm Dakota and it is comfortable the shoot without plugs. I hunt a lot and it has given me more second shot opportunities on multiple coyotes and deer and really helps to keep the prairie dogs up longer. The fact that the quick detach locks is great and once it’s locked on you don’t have to worry about it unscrewing like a thread on type.I shoot the Lima primarily on my Ruger Mark II 22 lr. All I really have to say about it is that with CCI standard velocity ammo it is quieter than a pellet gun and doesn’t have a first round pop.


I purchased a suppressor for my .223 and was very impressed by it. On a recent coyote hunt, the sound of the bullet hitting the coyote was louder than the shot itself. That being said, the noise level speaks for itself. It’s ease of use and the fact that it is lightweight are also positive aspects of this suppressor.