.30 Caliber Suppressors Mb762L2

Mack Brothers Centerfire Suppressors feature our unique, patent pending Ball Lock Interface system. Our Center-fire Suppressors features a unique quick detach mechanism. The Suppressor is rotated onto the Adapter until it stops. The locking collar then cams three ball bearings into the Adapter’s corresponding groove preventing the Suppressor from rotating or moving under recoil.

It can’t shoot loose!

Our Centerfire Suppressors utilize a robust square lead thread that allows the suppressors to be installed or removed in slightly over one rotation.

Our .30 caliber Suppressors (MB762S and MB762L) utilize Grade 9 Titanium for the Suppressor housing and
Grade 5 Ti for the blast chamber and end-cap. All the baffles are made from heat-treated 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. The tube, the primary expansion chamber and the end-cap are CNC threaded for precise alignment and baffle stack preload. They are then CNC fusion welded for extreme durability.

MB762 S Details:

  • Constructed With Titanium/17-4 Stainless
  • 17.5 Oz
  • 8.5 Inches Long
  • $850

MB762 L Details:

  • Constructed With Titanium/17-4 Stainless
  • 20 Oz
  • 9.75 Inches Long
  • $850

Helium Details:

  • Constructed With Titanium/17-4 Stainless
  • 13.5-15 Oz (Depending on Configuration)
  • 7.25-8 Inches Long (Depending on Configuration)
  • $875