Can the bolt be replaced with a straight handle? Or do you offer a straight handle with your actions?

No, they can not be replaced with a straight handle and we do not offer one.

Do you do variance work?

Yes, contact us for more information.

Do your actions use a Standard Remington pattern trigger and bottom metal?

Yes, they do.

Does the suppressor tool work on the MB762L or is it not serviceable?

All of our MB suppressors are not serviceable.

How much inletting needs to be done with a Manners Stock cut for a REM 700 SA?

The injection port will need to be extended backwards. See a gunsmith for help.


Do your actions have an extended well for Wyatt boxes?

No, they do not.

Does the bolt accept Remage Pre-fit barrels without having to skim the tenons?

The original version of our bolts did not fit in a remage prefit. Roughly 0.01 to 0.02 of an inch needed to be taken off for the bolt to work with a remage barrel. Our newest version of the bolts will allow it to fit remage prefit barrels.

Do you have plans to release a Stainless Steel Action in a 223 bolt face?

Yes, we are looking at the end of the first quarter.

Which bolt is for .308 WIN?

The standard. (Std.)

Do you offer barreled actions?

Yes we do! Contact us to get started.

When will you have a long action?

Soon. We are looking at the end of the second quarter.

Do you have a gunsmith or recommendation for a gunsmith?

We do not do gunsmithing at our facility. Your best bet will be to do a quick Google search, or ask around in your community.

Can I pre-order an action?

Unfortunately, we do not take pre-orders for any of our products.

How do I buy a suppressor?

Buying a suppressor is a lengthy process. We do not sell directly. You will need to find a dealer in your area that can do the transfer. The dealer will need an FFL and SOT. For South Dakota residents, you can complete this process through Silencer Central.

Can you ship overseas?

Depending on the country, yes! You will need to locate an exporter.

How do I clean my suppressor?

Cleaning your suppressor will help keep it in working condition. Before cleaning, be sure to read all instructions that came with the suppressor. Depending on the model of the suppressor, we have downloadable instructions under services.

Have a question? Reach out to us!